Medical Emergency Training for the Dental Office
The ultimate step-by-step guide for responding to medical emergencies in the Dental Office
Can you and your team properly identify and competently handle:

Airway Obstruction?

Allergic Reaction/ Anaphylaxis?

Hypertensive Crisis?


Overdose/ Anesthetic Toxicity?

Breathing Difficulty?

Chest Pain?

Can you and and your team properly complete these BASIC Emergency Medical Soft Skills:

Listen to lung sounds and identify irregularities?

Identify Contraindications to drugs and treatments?

Bandage wounds?

Recognize a true medical emergency before it becomes dire?

Use your emergency equipment and trouble shoot it in an emergency?

Emergencies Will Happen

You AND your dental team need to be ready to correctly identify and competently handle the situation.

Sure, you have done CPR training every other year for as long as you can remember, but truly a Cardiac Arrest is the LEAST likely scenario to happen in your office in real life.

However, as good as you are you are only as good as the weakest member of your dental team.

This Medical Emergency Training for the Dental Office training program was designed to drip education and training to the dentist and dental team to help you learn in small chunks over a long term.

In all it's glory - Rome wasn't built in a day so how does it make sense to train up a proficient dental team in a day? Silliness!

We have found that breaking training up into smaller bites and doing it over a period of time works best. So that's what we do. This training won't take up a lot of your time and it is offered to keep the team fresh! Because that's what your patients expect and deserve.

Based on media attention surrounding patient deaths, outcries from legislators and patient safety advocates, and ADA recommendations, State Dental Board's (California, Texas, and other states) are tightening regulations on dental providers requiring better preparedness through:

1). Education and training of dentists and dental teams (above and beyond CPR/ BLS)

2). Purchase and maintenance of more medications and equipment

3). Written emergency policies and procedures

4). Sedation safety inspections by state regulators and internal checks and documentation

This program is developed to help you get prepared for new and tougher regulations that are being developed by Dental Boards across the country.

Your patients deserve better than a deer in the headlights response when they experience a medical problem in your office. Sharpen your skills to provide the best life saving response and patient outcomes to the people who trust you.

What you get:
Medical Emergency Protocols
 (1) Specific protocols for response to a sedation/anesthesia emergency, including specific protocols for advanced airway management techniques;
(2) Staff training log, documenting staff training in emergency prevention, recognition, and response on at least an annual basis;
(3) Emergency drug log documenting annual reviews for assurance of unexpired supply;
(4) Equipment readiness log; and
(5) Individual office staff roles and responsibilities in response to an emergency, including roles and responsibilities specific to a response to a respiratory emergency.
Quick Reference Guide
Tabbed, easy reference flip guide to step-by-step  care for common emergencies.
Practice Scenarios
Monthly medical emergency scenarios to role play and document with your staff. Practice using your tools and following your Medical Emergency Protocols. Because it is important to practice like it is the real thing.
Continuing Education
Learning is best when it is short, engaging, understandable, and ongoing. Dentists and dental team members can receive up to 12 hours of CE credit each year
(AGD subject code 142)
(less than $9 per credit for an office of 5)
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Our Expertise
Duane Tinker
I worked in EMS in various capacities for over 20 years. My experience includes:

First Responder
Interfacility BLS
911 BLS Ambulance
911 ALS/ MICU Ambulances

... in high volume Urban/ Suburban and Rural pre-hospital settings.

EMS is my first love. As an EMT I've been in situations you may one day find yourself dealing with when a patient has an emergency in your office.

When all else fails remember this:

There is no such thing as a "textbook emergency." But practice and review give you and your team the tools to "improvise, adapt and overcome" when things go totally wrong.

This program is derived from real world experiences and will help prepare your team for medical emergencies in your practice.

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Program Price

$797 per office/location
  • Free Shipping
  • Medical Emergency Protocols
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Practice Scenarios for whole team
  • Up to 12 CE hours per employee
  • Private Members Only Training Blog
  • Easy Phone & email Support
Mock Sedation Inspection
$297 per office/location
  • Discounted Price (from $497) with the purchase of the Medical Emergency Training Program
  • Virtual Inspection for your convenience.
  • Let the Toothcop take a look around in your office to prepare you for the upcoming inspections.
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